Entry 10: Necklace holder

Items needed:

1: Medium sized branch

2. White PVA paint

3. Paint brush

4. 2 nails

5. Hammer

6. Scissors

7. Clear fishing line


Paint branch and leave to dry in the sun. After the branch has dried,  find a corner in a room where two walls meet. Measure the length of the branch and place against the wall. From the edge of the branch work your way in by 6 cm on both sides. This is where the fish lining should sit so as to prevent the branch from falling.

The lining should be about16 cms then looped around the branched and knotted (you need two of these). They are then hooked onto the nails in the wall which are 8cm above the branch.

Add your necklaces in what ever order you would like. I chose a colour scheme ranging from earthy tones to green.


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